Norwood’s Own Social Networks

Kara Shea
Issue Date: 
March, 2019
Article Body: 

Facebook is a social media platform that has changed the way humans connected with one another. Within seconds, anyone in the world can learn about new people and places, and it all happens at the touch of a button.
For the town of Norwood in specific, there are pages and groups within the large social network that are dedicated to keeping the user up-to-date on the information that is important and relative to Norwood residents.
One group in particular, The Town of Norwood MA page, contains information on all different aspects of the town. Scrolling down the page, one encounters articles on the DPW, information on assistance for those affected by the government shut down, and MBTA advisory’s.
Celebrate Norwood (all things Norwood, MA), has over 2,000 members. In this discussion forum, members are allowed to post their thoughts and opinions, promote their businesses, or just interact with other inhabitants of the town. While it is not a private group, meaning anyone can see what is said in the group without having to join it, joining is necessary to post and comment.
Similarly, Norwood Now is one of the most well utilized pages found on Facebook for the Town of Norwood’s citizens. With over 10,000 members, there are plenty of connections and information to be made and found. Although this group is private until a request to join is accepted by one of the 3 administrators, there is a lot of engagement within the group. As it is a discussion forum, it is monitored for spam, and behavior that is unsuitable for Facebook.
Over 3,000 people like the Norwood Recreation Department page. Here they receive updates on classes, and events happening around town for kids and adults alike- including Parents Night Out, registration for spring and summer programs, and partnerships with local businesses around the town.
The Norwood Police Department and Fire Department even have their own Facebook pages dedicated to providing up-to-date information about what they are doing within the community. From arrests, to reports of suspicious activity, or even the cops and firefighters supporting the community, it is a good source of information about things that concern Norwood inhabitants and their families; and many seem to agree, as 11,000 people have followed the page.
For those concerned about the well-being of the town, the Norwood MA Health and Safety Community offers a safe space to post “any health of safety concerns that any member feels are pertinent”. Founded in 2015, the group has over 1,000 members. Post vary from fire safety tips, to cautionary tales for child safety; as well as, cyber-bullying awareness, and even cautions on human trafficking in and around the area.
There is even a group called Missing Norwood Pets devoted to helping families find and reconnect with their beloved pets. Something as simple as a share button has united furry friends and their owners faster than ever before. The updates included in this group are that of the pets that have been picked up at local shelters after being found, or when someone has sighted a new pet on the loose.
Looking to get rid of some of the clutter from your house? Buy Nothing Norwood/Walpole/Westwood is a great place to post and sell your unwanted items. Anything from used cars, to clothes, or house appliances- there is something for everyone. Some items are even listed for free, all one has to do is pick them up.
With just under 1,000 members, Norwood MA Small Business Page is a way to learn about and support local companies. Included within the page are posts from realtors, local hairstylists, options for family actives like day-camp and baseball, etc.

If food is something you are passionate about, there are even Facebook groups for that! Norwood’s Wine and Dine group, and Norwood Eats were made for those who are interested in trying new places to eat around the town, and sharing recipes for when a night in is in store. The groups have 1,000 members and 4,6000 members, respectively. The very first thing a new member sees when accepted into the Wine and Dine group is a message from an admin stating, “Welcome to all of our new members! … We allow for business owners and employees to advertise their business (food related of course) once A-day, everyday. We encourage your pictures and recipes”. Similarly, Norwood Eats explains to its new members “This is a place for you to post and share your pictures and comments of local restaurant fare and to tell us about what they offer, how you enjoyed it. your experience and if you would recommend it to a friend. When you share your great meal experience we will all be your new friend! Posts are not limited to bars and restaurants, please share your other entertainment activities and events too”.
One of the great things about all of these pages and groups happens to be the demographics within them. Norwood residents of all ages are engaging with one another and the town that unites them. From recent high school graduates, to those who have been graduated for 5, 10, 15+ years, these discussions are connecting Norwood residents to information, and to each-other.